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Update by user Apr 09, 2014

Thank you for your comments!

The follow up with builder helped us in getting all issues resolved finally. Thanks to CMRS Group Management who formed a separate team to address our issues/concerns.

We value their response and now I am a HAPPY consumer of CMRS in AECS Layout (after an year of follow u.. Phewwww :) )

Thanks Again!

Update by user Jul 16, 2013

After a hard run,builder CMRS Groups, assured on addressing the open issues. The work is in progress and hopefully the rework ends before they handover the possession to flat occupants.

Original review posted by user Feb 14, 2013

I purchased a flat in C block AECS Layout, Bangalore and the builder is CMRS Group.

CMRS Group: Worst Quality projects for the joint ventures in Bangalore AECS Layout. Its been ~6 months they have handed over the flats, and here are the open issues to be addressed by this worst builder we opted for:

1. No Lift facility yet. No assurance from neither the builder nor the Partners(I would like to use the worst slang for these guys)

2. No Power back up facility

3. No Cauvery water facility

4. single security for day and night shift including security for 2 apartments with ~ 20 flats

5. IMP: Water leakage at most of the bathrooms - BIG ISSUE as it caused at the cost of life of Building. Owners/Tenants are pissed off with this as water is getting into bedroom wardrobes and Kitchen.

6. The materials for bathroom/Kitchen fittings are of cheap and worst Quality. Which have already started leaking and few of us got it replaced on 100 follow ups.

7. >70% deviation from the plan they propose to the Govt/BBMP. Be careful while applying for the Loan as it might get rejected most of the times, if opted.

8. No one to clean the common area. in one word, there is no Maintenance provided for the whole apartment.

9. All most all construction work is getting done by non professional candidates/labors.

10. Most of the tiles are already cracked and we could see many joints on the floor.

11. Ignorant and escaping nature. They avoid meetings/calls.

Have plenty on my list.. PLease contact me if you are willing to know more about this Worst Builder at Soon will post the society (we formed on our own) POC/Contact details for more info.

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Aecs Layout, Karnataka, India #845874

Mr. Venkat, I am much happier than you for the service/"flexibilty" you recieved from the builder.

But pls do not generalize the reviewers in one category. Do visit the premises once and have a talk with redidents. Facts will be revealed.

You might have got the financial flexibility , but it does not prove the quality deliverable from builder at any point. And it can never be.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India #839114

CMRS is a fraud builder and has no respect for buyers. I booked for a 3 BHK only to be told by my lawyer that the document is extremely bad and no point in going for it.

I had to run behind the builder to get my booking advance back and it took totally four months with two bounced cheques and 4 visits to his office to get the advance back.

You can talk to me at to get more information. By the way, I see that the project after 2 years is still ongoing....

to Anonymous Bangalore, Karnataka, India #844755

AECS layout in Bangalore is a posh area, I bought an apartment from CMRS and earned 30% appreciation within one year. I used the money to pay off my loan in another property from brigade where the appreciation is just 20% in 3 years.

To be honest, as an investor you buy smaller property for quicker returns as the supply is limited. Regarding the legal documents, my lawyer scared the *** out of me for brigade property, still there are unanswered question regarding the family tree for brigade property, god knows what issues will crop up, hope I sell it earlier. for CMRS, my lawyer only convinced me to go ahead as it would only remain a dream to buy a property in AECS. entire area is now completely built up with no more apartments left.

I'm also planning to book in north star, but may not be lucky as my money is stuck up in bloody brigade.

anyone wants to buy in brigade mail me at, I have pool facing apartment and I'm expecting about 80 lacs (full cash, no cheques), my own cost with loan etc. has been about 65+ lacs.

CMRS is a good builder, they helped me with flexible finances when I needed them. I'm grateful, no builder will do that to a buyer. It is sad to see some people with vested interest posting some negative remarks.

I unofficially spoke to few insiders and they showed me with evidences that the people who are posting are defaulters.

These people have avoided to pay money on time to save on EMI.

what a world!


Hi..Can you please tell me which project this is in AECS layout? We are planning to buy in CMRS North Star. Thanks.

to Anonymous #841770

Hi I am planning to buy apartment in North star.. can you pls share your details so we can talk..

Bangalore, Karnataka, India #681356

After a hard run to chase this builder CMRS Groups, We have got the assurance on addressing the open issues. The work is in progress.

to Anonymous Bangalore, Karnataka, India #844758

I agree with venkat. pls find out from fellow owners if there are any defaulters.

if more than one person dafaults then it would create the delay again. it happened with my apartment, there are 3 defaulters out of 8 owners!, builder is helpless, work has slowed down a bit.

I fail to understand why does CMRS group behave so humanly and why do they not take legal action against defaulters. because of few small head people who want to save EMI, the project is getting delayed.

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